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Trusted Business Advisor

Becoming your trusted business advisor will help your organization plot a course for your future success.

Our Trusted Business Advisor service is an enhancement to our Monthly Accounting Services. This is based on our unique combination of skills, ability, knowledge, and strategic alliances. Although we may not have the answers in all of these areas, we have the resources available to act as a “general contractor” in obtaining the expertise in these areas.

Our goal as your trusted advisor and member of your management team is to hold you accountable to address these business decisions on a regular basis.


  • Review financial statements
  • Asset additions/deletions
  • Address accounting problems
  • Update on any new tax or accounting changes
  • Use tax


  • Meet with owners to review financials
  • Compare financials with prior year
  • Payroll tax reports
  • Personal tax projection
  • Corporate minutes update
  • Employee issues
  • Subcontractor issues
  • Review “Top 5” issues with the business


  • Industry comparison reports
  • Internal control procedures


  • Budgets
  • Review insurance (health, liability, worker\’s compensation, life, property/casualty)
  • Exit plan
  • Buy/sell
  • Banking
  • Use tax
  • Technology updates
  • Legal review
  • Marketing plan
  • Update employee handbook
  • Updated payroll forms
  • Retirement plans

Thinking of buying a business? Our accountants and tax professionals can help by preparing cash flow projections, debt service analysis, and reviewing the financial records of the business.

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