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About NetClient

You’re busy running your business, often long after “traditional” business hours. Our firm recognizes this and understands the demands of today’s competitive climate. That is why we’re always looking for ways that will make it easier and faster for you to get the service you need from us – anytime, day or night.

And that is why we offer NetClient.

NetClient uses the power of the Internet to let you access our accounting and tax preparation services directly from our website – using a secure, private portal that is established especially for you. In this secure area all information that is sent, accessed or viewed over the public internet is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). (If you have ever checked your banking information or personal investments online, then you have accessed a portal that uses encrypted SSL technology to send and view sensitive information.)

NetClient is like a virtual visit to our office! NetClient accounting and tax software is

  • Convenient. Access your business or personal financial information 24/7/365, from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Secure. Enter your password protected portal where only you and we can access your files.
  • Fast. Within moments you can access files and software, enter data, upload information, and more!

Now you can get your financial information and services from the convenience of your desk, your home, your bank, or anywhere with an Internet connection.

Most important, NetClient is available when you want it. You don’t have to plan your schedule around our business hours. Instead you can simply visit our website, enter your private portal, access the services you need, and be on your way!

Contact us now at at 303-232-8300 or for more information on this “always-open” tool to operate your business.

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